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os/threading: Include `xrt_compiler.h` to fix missing stdint types.
util: Add a very simple fifo for indices, this is used to keep track of
swapchain in order of age (oldness).
util: Expand `u_hashset` to be able to automatically allocate a `u_hashet_item`
and insert it.
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- mr.408
- mr.409
Centralise the logging functionality in Monado to a single util helper.
Previously most of our logging was done via fprints and gated behind booleans,
now there are common functions to call and a predfined set of levels.
main: Include `<math.h>` in layers renderer for missing `tanf` function.
swapchain: Give out the oldset image index when a image is acquired. This logic
can be made better, but will work for the good case.
swapchain: Close any FDs that are still valid, for instance the ipc server
copies the FDs to the client.
client: When we give a image fd to the either OpenGL or Vulkan it is consumed
and can not be rused. So make sure that it is set to an invalid fd value on the
`xrt_image_fd` on the owning `xrt_swapchain_fd`.
main: We were alpha blending all layers previously, but now we support the
layer flag that OpenXR gives us. We do this by using different `VkImageView`s
with different component swizzles.
layer_rendering: Use the visibility flags on quad to correctly show the layers
in each eye.
psvr: Normalize the rotation to not trip up the client app when it gives the
rotation back to `st/oxr` again.
vive: Create vive_config module to isolate config code and avoid duplication between controller and headset code.
vive: Probe for controllers in vive_proper interface.
vive: Fix a bug where using the Vive Pro crashed Monado.
vive: Fix a bug where the controller didn't parse JSON vectors correctly.
vive: Move missing functions to and use u_json.
vive: Add support for Gen1 and Gen2 Vive Trackers.
vive: Port to new u_logging API.
comp: Set a compositor window title.
server: Almost completely overhaul the handling of swapchain life cycle
including: correctly track which swapchains are alive; reuse ids; enforce the
maximum number of swapchains; and destroy underlying swapchains when they are
destroyed by the client.
util: Make sure to not access NULL control messages, say in the case of the
server failing to create a swapchain. Also add a whole bunch of paranoia when
it comes to the alignment of the control message buffers.
ipc: Return XR_ERROR_INSTANCE_LOST on IPC errors.
build: Allow enabling inter-procedural optimization in CMake GUIs, if supported by platform and compiler.
OpenXR: Update headers to 1.0.9.
OpenXR: Verify that the XrViewConfigurationType is supported by the system as
required by the OpenXR spec in xrEnumerateEnvironmentBlendModes.
OpenXR: Return the correct error code when verifying the sub action, if it is
a valid sub action path but not given at action creation we should return
OpenXR: Validate the subImage data for both projection and quad layers layers,
refactor code out so it can be shared with the different types of layers. Need
to track some state on the `oxr_swapchain` in order to do the checking.
OpenXR: Correct the return error code for action and action set localized name
OpenXR: Correct the error messages on sub action paths errors.
OpenXR: Track the name and localized name for both actions and action sets, that
way we can make sure that there are no duplicates. This is required by the spec.
OpenXR: Do better checking if action sets and actions have been attached to the
session or not.
OpenXR: Validate the arguments for `xrSuggestInteractionProfileBindings` better
so that it follows the spec better.
OpenXR: Rework the logging formatting of error messages, this makes it easier to
read for the application developer.
OpenXR: Correctly ensure that the application has called the required get
graphics requirements function when creating a session.
OpenXR: When a `XrSession` is destroyed purge the event queue of any events that
references to it so that no events gets delivered to the applications with
stales handles.
OpenXR: Make the event queue thread safe, all done with a simple mutex that is
not held for long at all.
OpenXR: A major overhaul of the swapchain acquire, wait and release code. This
makes it almost completely conformant with the spec. Tricky parts include that
multiple images can be acquired, but only one can be waited on before being
OpenXR: Enforce that static swapchains can only be acquired once, this is
required by the spec and make sure that a image is only rendered to once, and
allows the runtime to perform special optimizations on the image.
OpenXR: Make the function `xrGetReferenceSpaceBoundsRect` at least conform to
the spec without actually implementing it, currently we do not track bounds in
OpenXR: Make the session state changes obey the specification. The code is
fairly hair as is and should be improved at a later time.
OpenXR: Use the correct XrPath for `/user/gamepad` while it sits in the users
hand itsn't `/user/hand/gamepad` as previously believed.
OpenXR: Where used make sure we verify the view configuration type is a valid
enum value, the code is setup so that we in the future can support new values
via extensions easily.
OpenXR: More correctly verify the interactive profile binding data, including
the given interactive profile is correct and the binding point is valid.
OpenXR: Transform input types in a somewhat flexible, composable way. Also, do conversion at sync time, and use the transformed values to evaluate if the input has changed, per the spec.
OpenXR: Tidy the extensions generated by the script and order them according
to extension prefix, starting with KHR, EXT, Vendor, KHRX, EXTX, VendorX. Also
rename the `MND_ball_on_stick_controller` to `MNDX_ball_on_a_stick_controller`.
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OpenXR: Fix overly attached action sets, which would appear to be attached to
a session even after the session has been destroyed. Also tidy up comments and
other logic surrounding this.
compositor: Remove the `array_size` field from the struct, this was the only
state tracker supplied value that was on the struct, only have values that the
compositor decides over on the struct.
- mr.367
Improve Doxygen documentation of interfaces. Now the inheritance structure and implementation of interfaces is shown in the docs, and helper functions that call through function pointers are listed as "member functions", to help developers understand the internal structure of Monado better.
xrt: Add xrt_result_t return type to many compositor functions that previously had no way to indicate failure.
compositor: Introduce `xrt_swapchain_create_info` simplifying the argument
passing between various layers of the compositor stack and also simplify future
refactoring projects.
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