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fixed/added some types for module music

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......@@ -4389,6 +4389,41 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.it"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-iti">
<comment>Impulse Tracker instrument</comment>
<match type="string" value="IMPI" offset="0"/>
<glob pattern="*.iti"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-mptm">
<comment>OpenMPT audio</comment>
<match type="string" value="tpm." offset="0"/>
<match type="string" value="pti." offset="0"/>
<glob pattern="*.mptm"/>
<glob pattern="*.itp"/>
<sub-class-of type="audio/x-it"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-tun">
<comment>OpenMPT custom tuning</comment>
<match type="string" value="228\11CTB244RTI" offset="0"/>
<match type="string" value="CTRTI_B.\3\0" offset="0"/>
<match type="string" value="CTRTI_B.\2\0" offset="0"/>
<glob pattern="*.tun"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-tc">
<comment>OpenMPT custom tuning collection</comment>
<match type="string" value="228\2TC" offset="0"/>
<match type="string" value="HSCT\2\0\0\0" offset="0"/>
<match type="string" value="HSCT\1\0\0\0" offset="0"/>
<glob pattern="*.tc"/>
<mime-type type="audio/flac">
<comment>FLAC audio</comment>
......@@ -4766,6 +4801,14 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.s3m"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-s3i">
<comment>Scream Tracker 3 instrument</comment>
<match value="SCRS" type="string" offset="76"/>
<match value="SCRI" type="string" offset="76"/>
<glob pattern="*.s3i"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-scpls">
<comment>MP3 ShoutCast playlist</comment>
<alias type="application/pls"/>
......@@ -4802,7 +4845,7 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.wav"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-xi">
<comment>Scream Tracker instrument</comment>
<comment>FastTracker II instrument</comment>
<match value="Extended Instrument:" type="string" offset="0"/>
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