Commit c30e6e17 authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado
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qmicli,loc: avoid using g_autofree in 1.24 branch

parent 1a3d161f
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......@@ -489,10 +489,11 @@ position_report_received (QmiClientLoc *client,
g_print (" time source: n/a\n");
if (qmi_indication_loc_position_report_output_get_sensor_data_usage (output, &sensor_data_usage, NULL)) {
g_autofree gchar *sensor_data_usage_str = NULL;
gchar *sensor_data_usage_str;
sensor_data_usage_str = qmi_loc_sensor_data_usage_build_string_from_mask (sensor_data_usage);
g_print (" sensor data usage: %s\n", sensor_data_usage_str);
g_free (sensor_data_usage_str);
} else
g_print (" sensor data usage: n/a\n");
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