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    • Aleksander Morgado's avatar
      udev: avoid [0-9]* as shell globbing patterns · 74f0caaa
      Aleksander Morgado authored
      The udev rules expect matches based on shell globbing pattern, not
      based on regex. This means that "[0-9]*" doesn't mean "zero or more
      digits", it actually means "one digit and zero or more other
      So, avoid the regex like match, even if it worked for us, because it
      didn't mean what we thought it meant, plus, it breaks our custom udev
      rules processing logic, in which we convert the input patterns into
      real regex expressions.
      See https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1415916#p1415916
      While at it, also make sure that the wildcard matching is done
      exclusively for prefix and suffix matches, never in the middle of
      a string, or our custom rules parser would not match correctly.
      (cherry picked from commit e9f254ba)
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    • Aleksander Morgado's avatar
      data,fcc-unlock: add example unlock scripts · 3a1d578c
      Aleksander Morgado authored
      Added scripts for Foxconn SDX55, Quectel EM120, and several old Sierra
      Wireless manufactured devices:
       * Installed but not used by default, the user needs to setup manual
         links from ${pkgdatadir}/fcc-unlock.available.d, to
         ${pkgsysconfdir}/fcc-unlock.d in order to enable them.
       * Installed with rights only for the owner, so that the dispatcher in
         ModemManager can validate them.
       * They rely on $PATH to find the qmicli/mbimcli tools.
      In addition to these scripts, per-vid:pid links are created in the
      same ${pkgdatadir}/fcc-unlock.available.d directory, specifying which
      are the specific devices that require the FCC unlock operation.
      This patch also creates the ${pkgsysconfdir}/fcc-unlock.d and
      ${pkglibdir}/fcc-unlock.d directories where ModemManager looks for the
      enabled tools.
      Note that the meson setup doesn't support creating/deleting links
      officially yet, so we use a workaround using meson.add_install_script
      that is not perfect (i.e. doesn't handle the symlink removal during
      uninstall). See https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/1602
      (cherry picked from commit e7a6bb75)
    • Aleksander Morgado's avatar
      iface-modem: use external dispatcher to attempt FCC unlock · f4790544
      Aleksander Morgado authored
      We remove the built-in FCC unlock procedures from the ModemManager, we
      will no longer run them automatically, and instead rely on external
      scripts/programs to do that.
      Packages providing the external FCC unlock tools can install them in
      Users manually enabling external FCC unlock tools can install them in
      The user-enabled path takes precedence over the package-enabled one.
      (cherry picked from commit 81302efa)
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