Commit a5f2f84f authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado
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ci: switch single plugins build to use meson

parent 86fcf259
......@@ -174,16 +174,14 @@ build-single-plugins:
- ninja -C build
- ninja -C build install
- popd
- for plugin in generic altair-lte anydata broadmobi cinterion
- for plugin in generic altair_lte anydata broadmobi cinterion
dell dlink fibocom foxconn gosuncn haier huawei iridium
linktop longcheer mbm motorola mtk nokia nokia-icera
novatel novatel-lte option option-hso pantech
qcom-soc quectel samsung sierra-legacy sierra simtech
linktop longcheer mbm motorola mtk nokia nokia_icera
novatel novatel_lte option option_hso pantech
qcom_soc quectel samsung sierra_legacy sierra simtech
telit thuraya tplink ublox via wavecom x22x zte; do
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-gtk-doc --disable-introspection --disable-all-plugins --enable-plugin-$plugin;
make clean;
meson setup build_$plugin --prefix=/usr -Dgtk_doc=false -Dintrospection=disabled -Dbash_completion=false -Dauto_features=disabled -Dqmi=enabled -Dmbim=enabled -Dqrtr=enabled -Dplugin_$plugin=enabled;
ninja -C build_$plugin;
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