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# WirePlumber 0.2.95
First pre-release of WirePlumber 0.3.0.
This is the first release that targets desktop use-cases. It aims to be
fully compatible with `pipewire-media-session`, while at the same time it
adds a couple of features that `pipewire-media-session` lacks, such as:
- It makes use of session, endpoint and endpoint-stream objects
to orchestrate the graph
- It is configurable:
- It supports configuration of endpoints, so that their properties
(such as their name) can be overriden
- It also supports declaring priorities on endpoints, so that there
are sane defaults on the first start
- It supports partial configuration of linking policy
- It supports creating static node and device objects at startup,
also driven by configuration files
- It has the concept of session default endpoints, which can be changed
with `wpctl` and are stored in XDG_CONFIG_DIR, so the user may change
at runtime the target device of new links in a persistent way
- It supports volume & mute controls on audio endpoints, which can be
set with `wpctl`
- Last but not least, it is extensible
Also note that this release currently breaks compatibility with AGL, since
the policy management engine received a major refactoring to enable more
use-cases, and has been focusing on desktop support ever since.
Policy features specific to AGL and other embedded systems are expected
to come back in a 0.3.x point release.
# WirePlumber 0.2.0
As shipped in AGL Itchy Icefish 9.0.0 and Happy Halibut 8.0.5
# WirePlumber 0.1.1
As shipped in AGL Happy Halibut 8.0.2
# WirePlumber 0.1.1
As shipped in AGL Happy Halibut 8.0.1
# WirePlumber 0.1.0
First release of WirePlumber, as shipped in AGL Happy Halibut 8.0.0
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