Commit 27fa7ff6 authored by Julian Bouzas's avatar Julian Bouzas
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reserve-device: show info instead of warning when devices could not be acquired

parent c97eccea
......@@ -43,14 +43,13 @@ static void
on_reservation_acquired (GObject *obj, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer user_data)
WpReserveDevice *self = user_data;
WpDbusDeviceReservation *reserv = WP_DBUS_DEVICE_RESERVATION (obj);
g_autoptr (GError) error = NULL;
g_autoptr (GError) e = NULL;
g_autoptr (WpProxy) device = NULL;
g_autoptr (WpSpaPod) profile = NULL;
/* Finish */
if (!wp_dbus_device_reservation_async_finish (reserv, res, &error)) {
g_warning ("%s", error->message);
if (!wp_dbus_device_reservation_async_finish (self->reservation, res, &e)) {
wp_info_object (self, "could not own device: %s", e->message);
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