Commit f00b0880 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

GfxState: Move vars inside the ifdef they are used in

parent 365a92e5
......@@ -1825,9 +1825,9 @@ GfxColorSpace *GfxICCBasedColorSpace::parse(Array *arr, OutputDev *out, GfxState
error(errSyntaxError, -1, "Bad ICCBased color space");
return nullptr;
#ifdef USE_CMS
const Object &obj1Ref = arr->getNF(1);
const Ref iccProfileStreamA = obj1Ref.isRef() ? obj1Ref.getRef() : Ref::INVALID();
#ifdef USE_CMS
// check cache
if (out && iccProfileStreamA != Ref::INVALID()) {
if (auto *item = out->getIccColorSpaceCache()->lookup(iccProfileStreamA)) {
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