Commit 70c01fb9 authored by Xavier Claessens's avatar Xavier Claessens
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cairo-gobject: Missing cairo include directories

When cairo is a subproject and application uses libcairogobject_dep, it
was missing include directories set in libcairo_dep.
parent 084404cd
......@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ libcairogobject = library('cairo-gobject', cairo_gobject_sources,
incgobject = include_directories('.')
libcairogobject_dep = declare_dependency(link_with: libcairogobject,
include_directories: [incbase, incgobject])
include_directories: [incgobject],
dependencies: libcairo_dep)
libraries: [libcairo, glib_dep, gobject_dep],
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