Commit 61cd11a3 authored by Uli Schlachter's avatar Uli Schlachter
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steal boxes: Fix an invalif free() exposed by cb871c6c

Commits cb871c6c made the function _cairo_clip_reduce_to_boxes()
actually do something instead of being a no-op. This exposed a latent
bug in cairo that was so far just not hit due to luck.

The function _cairo_clip_steal_boxes() removes the boxes from a clip and
gives them to a cairo_boxes_t. _cairo_clip_unsteal_boxes() undoes this
operation. For efficiency reasons, cairo_clip_t contains an embedded
cairo_box_t that is used when the clip has only one box to avoid a
memory allocation. Thus, _cairo_clip_unsteal_boxes() must be called on
the same clip that was given to _cairo_clip_steal_boxes(), or otherwise
a clip could end up to the embedded box of another instance of
cairo_clip_t. This is exactly what was happening here.

For example, cairo-xcb can replace extents->clip with another clip via
the call chain _cairo_xcb_render_compositor_paint() (which is where
boxes are stolen) -> _clip_and_composite_boxes() ->
trim_extents_to_traps() ->
parent ef99c3bf
......@@ -68,7 +68,14 @@ _cairo_clip_copy_intersect_clip (const cairo_clip_t *clip,
static inline void
_cairo_clip_steal_boxes (cairo_clip_t *clip, cairo_boxes_t *boxes)
_cairo_boxes_init_for_array (boxes, clip->boxes, clip->num_boxes);
cairo_box_t *array = clip->boxes;
if (array == &clip->embedded_box) {
assert (clip->num_boxes == 1);
boxes->boxes_embedded[0] = clip->embedded_box;
array = &boxes->boxes_embedded[0];
_cairo_boxes_init_for_array (boxes, array, clip->num_boxes);
clip->boxes = NULL;
clip->num_boxes = 0;
......@@ -76,7 +83,13 @@ _cairo_clip_steal_boxes (cairo_clip_t *clip, cairo_boxes_t *boxes)
static inline void
_cairo_clip_unsteal_boxes (cairo_clip_t *clip, cairo_boxes_t *boxes)
clip->boxes = boxes->chunks.base;
if (boxes->chunks.base == &boxes->boxes_embedded[0]) {
assert(boxes->num_boxes == 1);
clip->embedded_box = *boxes->chunks.base;
clip->boxes = &clip->embedded_box;
} else {
clip->boxes = boxes->chunks.base;
clip->num_boxes = boxes->num_boxes;
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