Commit 2a21ed02 authored by Adrian Johnson's avatar Adrian Johnson
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tags: Don't ignore tag on empty pages

Issue 357
parent ef99c3bf
......@@ -777,8 +777,8 @@ _cairo_analysis_surface_tag (void *abstract_surface,
if (_cairo_int_status_is_error (backend_status))
return backend_status;
if (backend_status == CAIRO_INT_STATUS_SUCCESS)
surface->has_supported = TRUE;
return backend_status;
......@@ -2952,6 +2952,7 @@ _cairo_surface_tag (cairo_surface_t *surface,
status = surface->backend->tag (surface, begin, tag_name, attributes,
source, stroke_style,
ctm, ctm_inverse, clip);
surface->is_clear = FALSE;
return _cairo_surface_set_error (surface, status);
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