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FAQ/developing: Point directly to "developing with meson" docs

Instead of repeating old stuff also :) And ensures everything is centralized in
on doc.

Partly fixes #54

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......@@ -38,37 +38,9 @@ Makefile, or with autoconf using the pkg.m4 macro (providing
It is possible to develop and compile against an uninstalled copy of GStreamer
and its plugins, for example, against git checkouts. This enables you to test
the latest version of GStreamer without interfering with your system-wide
There are two ways to achieve such a setup:
1. [`gst-build`][gst-build] is our new meta-build module based on the
[Meson build system][meson]. This is the shiny new option. It's fast and
simple to get started with, but you will need a recent version of Meson
installed. Just check out the git repository and run the `` script.
Once the initial Meson configure stage has passed, you can enter an
uninstalled environment by running `ninja uninstalled` in the build
directory. This will make sure tools and plugins from the uninstalled build
tree are used. Any problems, let us know.
2. [`gst-uninstalled`][gst-uninstalled] is our traditional autotools
and libtool-based uninstalled setup tool, but it requires a few extra steps,
like manually downloading the needed GStreamer repositories. The
[``][create-uninstalled] script automates this
process. Run `` and follow its instructions to gain
access to an environment where uninstalled GStreamer tools and plugins are
used by default. Also, `pkg-config` will prefer uninstalled library copies
over installed ones.
Multiple uninstalled setups can be used in parallel, e.g. one for the
latest stable branch and one for git master. Have a look at the
[gst-uninstalled][gst-uninstalled] script to see how it determines which
environment is used.
installation. See the [Building from source using
meson](installing/ documentation.
## How can I use GConf to get the system-wide defaults?
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