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Remove reference to the old sdk.

Remove link to config file from 0.10 version. It doesn't work with modern cerbero.
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Windows or OS X installers or Linux packages.
To use Cerbero to build and package your application, you just need to
add a recipe explaining how to build you application and make it depend
on the `gstreamer-sdk` project. Then Cerbero can take care of building
on the needed recipes. Then Cerbero can take care of building
your application and its dependencies and package them all together.
Read [](installing/ to learn how
......@@ -104,8 +104,6 @@ are running and will use default build options such as the default build
directory. The default options should work fine on the supported
An example configuration file with detailed comments can be found [here]
To fire up the bootstrapping process, go to the directory where you
cloned/unpacked Cerbero and type:
......@@ -243,5 +241,4 @@ To cross compile for iOS from OS X, use the configuration file
[WiX 3.11.1]:
[Installing GStreamer]: installing/
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