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......@@ -467,7 +467,7 @@ with `gst_tag_list_foreach()`, which will call `print_tag_foreach` for
each tag found (the list could also be traversed manually, for example,
or a specific tag could be searched for with
`gst_tag_list_get_string()`). The code for `print_tag_foreach` is pretty
much self-explicative.
much self-explanatory.
``` c
sinfo = gst_discoverer_info_get_stream_info (info);
......@@ -514,14 +514,14 @@ static void print_topology (GstDiscovererStreamInfo *info, gint depth) {
The `print_stream_info` function's code is also pretty much
self-explicative: it prints the stream's capabilities and then the
self-explanatory: it prints the stream's capabilities and then the
associated caps, using `print_tag_foreach` too.
Then, `print_topology` looks for the next element to display. If
`gst_discoverer_stream_info_get_next()` returns a non-NULL stream info,
it refers to our descendant and that should be displayed. Otherwise, if
we are a container, recursively call `print_topology` on each of our
children obatined with `gst_discoverer_container_info_get_streams()`.
children obtained with `gst_discoverer_container_info_get_streams()`.
Otherwise, we are a final stream, and do not need to recurse (This part
of the Discoverer API is admittedly a bit obscure).
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