Commit 09d81b51 authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle 🐸
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meson: docs is not an option of gst-docs

Simply error out if hotdoc's version isn't recent enough
parent project can then decide whether gst-docs was required.

Part-of: <gst-docs!98>
parent 059f092c
......@@ -11,12 +11,7 @@ endif
hotdoc_req = '>= 0.12.2'
hotdoc_version = run_command(hotdoc_p, '--version').stdout()
if not hotdoc_version.version_compare(hotdoc_req)
if get_option('doc').enabled()
error('Hotdoc version @0@ not found, got @1@'.format(hotdoc_req, hotdoc_version))
message('Hotdoc version @0@ not found, got @1@'.format(hotdoc_req, hotdoc_version))
hotdoc = import('hotdoc')
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