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dynamic-pipelines: Make the "GStreamer states" table a proper table

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......@@ -454,14 +454,13 @@ start until you bring the pipeline to the `PLAYING` state. We will
introduce here the rest of states and their meaning. There are 4 states
in GStreamer:
| State | Description |
| `NULL` | the NULL state or initial state of an element. |
| `READY` | the element is ready to go to PAUSED. |
| `PAUSED` | the element is PAUSED, it is ready to accept and process data. Sink elements however only accept one buffer and then block. |
| `PLAYING` | the element is PLAYING, the clock is running and the data is flowing. |
You can only move between adjacent ones, this is, you can't go from `NULL`
to `PLAYING`, you have to go through the intermediate `READY` and `PAUSED`
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