Commit 8c44becd authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH
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Fix failing the check of prep table in some fonts

parent 80047ed8
......@@ -2608,6 +2608,20 @@ compareulong (const void *a, const void *b)
return *ua - *ub;
static FcBool
FindTable (FT_Face face, FT_ULong tabletag)
FT_Stream stream = face->stream;
FT_Error error;
if (!stream)
return FcFalse;
if (( error = ftglue_face_goto_table( face, tabletag, stream ) ))
return FcFalse;
return FcTrue;
static int
GetScriptTags(FT_Face face, FT_ULong tabletag, FT_ULong **stags)
......@@ -2746,14 +2760,7 @@ bail:
static FcBool
FcFontHasHint (FT_Face face)
FT_ULong *prep = NULL;
FT_UShort prep_count = 0;
prep_count = GetScriptTags (face, TTAG_prep, &prep);
free (prep);
return prep_count > 0;
return FindTable (face, TTAG_prep);
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