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Waffle 1.5.2 Release Notes
Fixes since 1.5.1
* Linux, all platforms
* Fix dlopen'ing the GLES libararies. Don't rely on libGLES*.so symlinks at
runtime. Instead, pass the full SONAME (libGLES*.so.${N}) to dlopen. (See
* waffle_init() now returns false if it fails to dlopen libEGL or fails to
dlsym any required symbol from libEGL. (See 2195f3e).
* wflinfo: Fix glGetStringi usage on ARM Mali drivers. (See 9dc5555).
* Fix alpha channel in GBM format, fixing Piglit on some drivers. Waffle
always chose a GBM format without alpha even the EGLConfig contained an
alpha channel. (See 2bb9390).
* Windows
* Fix some compilation errors. (See 9a33a3d).
* Fix glGetStringi() usage. (See 9dc5555).
* Android
* Don't export private symbols. Waffle neglected to add
-fvisibility=hidden to the compiler flags. (See caf8001).
* Fix building with clang. (See fc58a6f).
* Add wflinfo and the gl_basic demo to the build. (See ad1b0c8).
* Apple
* Don't emit unexpected errors from waffle_display_supports_context_api()
when the system lacks the library for the queried API. (See 475b44f).
* Misc
* gl_basic: Choose an EGLConfig with an alpha plane. gl_basic depended on
the presence of an alpha plane despite neglecting to request it. (See
Features since 1.5.1
All new features introduced in minor releases are *minor* and introduce no
* gbm: Allow user to provide default device path in environment
If waffle_display_connect() is passed name=NULL, then Waffle's GBM backend will
now open the device path defined by environment variable WAFFLE_GBM_DEVICE. If
WAFFLE_GBM_DEVICE is unset, then Waffle's behavior remains as before: it uses
udev to search for a sensible DRM device node. (See 8d20f3a).
Changes since 1.5.1
Bernhard Rosenkränzer (1):
android: Don't specify -std=gnu99 for C++ builds -- it breaks clang
Chad Versace (3):
gbm: Fix crash when eglChooseConfig fails
gbm: Allow user to provide device path in environment
waffle: Bump version to 1.5.2
Emil Velikov (3):
android: include gl_basic & wflinfo to the build
android: export only the required functions
cgl: do not emit an error on dl_can_open
Frank Henigman (3):
waffle: return accurate result from wegl_platform_init()
wflinfo: find glGetStringi on both Mali and WGL
gl_basic: request alpha planes
Jordan Justen (2):
debian: Update standards version to 3.9.6
debian: Release 1.5.1-1
Jose Fonseca (2):
wflinfo: Fix MSVC compilation error.
man: Fix typo in WAFFLE_CONTEXT_*_PROFILE.
Michel Dänzer (1):
linux: Use full libGLES*.so.[12] SONAMEs
Tom Stellard (1):
gbm: Use EGLConfig to select the correct gbm format
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