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......@@ -8,18 +8,18 @@ OpenGL API and of window system until runtime. For example, on Linux, Waffle
enables an application to select X11/EGL with an OpenGL 3.3 core profile,
Wayland with OpenGL ES2, and other window system / API combinations.
Waffle's immediate goal is to enable Piglit [1] to test multiple OpenGL
Waffle's immediate goal is to enable [Piglit] to test multiple OpenGL
flavors in a cross-platform way, and to allow each Piglit test to choose its
OpenGL API and window system at runtime. A future goal is to enable the
ability to record (with another tool such APITrace [2]) an application's
ability to record (with another tool such [APITrace]) an application's
OpenGL calls on one operating system or window system, and then replay
that trace on a different system.
For more information, visit to Waffle's website.
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