Commit f57f547a authored by Fufu Fang's avatar Fufu Fang
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Remove workaround for flushing wl_release events

This workaround was required when using Weston 3.0.91 or earlier

Change-Id: Ie89afb8644aaac156fd35a15b4bb8959065a9393
Signed-off-by: Fufu Fang's avatarFufu Fang <>
parent f514b057
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......@@ -696,24 +696,6 @@ void swapchain::present_image(uint32_t pendingIndex)
wl_callback_add_listener(cb, &frame_listener, &m_present_pending);
assert(m_present_mode == VK_PRESENT_MODE_MAILBOX_KHR);
/* weston only _queues_ wl_buffer::release events. This means when the
* compositor flushes the client it only sends the events if some other events
* have been posted.
* As such we have to request a sync callback - we discard it straight away
* as we don't actually need the callback, but it means the
* wl_buffer::release event is actually sent.
wl_callback *cb = wl_display_sync(m_display);
if (cb)
res = wl_display_flush(m_display);
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