Commit ebe49201 authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt
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report: Stop hard-coding the default set of measurements.

It sucks to need to hack up each time I want to change the
set of things reported by shader-db.  This also makes it so that v3d
reports work by default in
Tested-by: Eduardo Lima Mitev's avatarEduardo Lima Mitev <>
parent 01147b89
......@@ -125,7 +125,6 @@ def mean_confidence_interval(data, confidence=0.95):
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("--measurements", "-m", type=split_list,
default=["instructions", "cycles", "loops", "spills", "fills"],
help="comma-separated list of measurements to report")
parser.add_argument("--summary-only", "-s", action="store_true", default=False,
help="do not show the per-shader helped / hurt data")
......@@ -152,6 +151,17 @@ def main():
hurt_statistics = {}
confidence_interval = {}
# If no set of measurements is specified, pick an arbitrary shader and use
# the ones it has. The assumption is that all shaders will have had the
# same set of measurements printed
if not args.measurements:
args.measurements = []
for p in args.before:
for m in args.before[p]:
for m in args.measurements:
total_before[m] = 0
total_after[m] = 0
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