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    Fix 'piglit resume' · b227bb35
    Kenneth Graunke authored
    metadata.json contains 'force_glsl' but not 'glsl'.  I guess it must
    have gotten renamed at some point.  Fixes the following traceback when
    attempting to call 'piglit resume':
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/home/kayden/Projects/piglit/piglit", line 178, in <module>
      File "/home/kayden/Projects/piglit/piglit", line 174, in main
      File "/home/kayden/Projects/piglit/framework/exceptions.py", line 52, in _inner
        func(*args, **kwargs)
      File "/home/kayden/Projects/piglit/framework/programs/run.py", line 439, in resume
        options.OPTIONS.force_glsl = results.options['glsl']
    Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker's avatarDylan Baker <dylan@pnwbakers.com>
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