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    cmake: create Win10 manifest files for particular executables · 5087aa3f
    Brian Paul authored
    On Windows10 (and possibly older versions), UAC (User Account Control)
    intervenes when starting an executables with "patch", "update" or "setup"
    in their name.  This requires the user to approve execution by clicking
    in a dialog window (and even then, causes test failures).  With Cygwin,
    you simply get "Permission Denied".
    Currently, there are four Piglit tests which need this special treatment:
    A work-around is to create a manifest file for each effected executable.
    This patch creates a <foo>.exe.manifest file if "foo" contains any of
    the above strings.  There's no effect on non-Windows platforms.
    Note: this solution uses the cmake file(GENERATE ...) function.  I think
    add_custom_command() is probably the proper approach, but I've been
    unsuccessful in getting that to work.
    Reviewed-by: Charmaine Lee's avatarCharmaine Lee <charmainel@vmware.com>
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