Commit fae925a4 authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke

Specify an explicit window size in builtin uniform tests.

Currently, these tests assume a 250x250 window size, but don't specify
SIZE 250x250, which means they can break when using PIGLIT_DEFAULT_SIZE.

The tests draw multiple 4x4 rectangles side by side, and lay them out
based on the window size.  We bump the window width to 256 so that it's
a multiple of 4, and shrink y to fit the number of rows.
Reviewed-by: Lionel Landwerlin's avatarLionel Landwerlin <>
parent 3ecdac45
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from builtin_function import *
import abc
import numpy
import math
import optparse
import os
import os.path
......@@ -357,15 +358,14 @@ class ShaderTest(object):
# Size of the rectangles drawn by the test.
self.rect_width = 4
self.rect_height = 4
# shader_runner currently defaults to a 250x250 window. We
# could reduce window size to cut test time, but there are
# platform-dependent limits we haven't really characterized
# (smaller on Linux than Windows, but still present in some
# window managers).
self.win_width = 250
self.win_height = 250
# Use a 256xN window. Make it at least 160 pixels tall to avoid
# window manager issues with small window sizes (see comments in
# piglit_gl_test_config_init() for details).
self.win_width = 256
self.tests_per_row = (self.win_width // self.rect_width)
self.test_rows = (self.win_height // self.rect_height)
self.test_rows = math.ceil(len(test_vectors) / self.tests_per_row)
self.win_height = max(self.test_rows * self.rect_height, 160)
if use_if:
self._comparator = BoolIfComparator(signature)
......@@ -560,6 +560,7 @@ class ShaderTest(object):
shader_test = '[require]\n'
shader_test += 'GLSL >= {0:1.2f}\n'.format(
float(self.glsl_version()) / 100)
shader_test += 'SIZE {0}x{1}'.format(self.win_width, self.win_height)
for extension in self.extensions():
shader_test += 'GL_{}\n'.format(extension)
shader_test += self.make_additional_requirements()
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