Commit f74d92e7 authored by Timothy Arceri's avatar Timothy Arceri

piglit-framework-gl: skip compat test when not supported

OpenGL 3.1 is a little special when it comes to compatibility. If
a 3.1 compat profile is requested by piglit and ARB_compatibility
not supported waffle will end up creating a core profile for us.

Here we make sure ARB_compatibility is supported when explicitly
requesting a 3.1 compat profile from piglit. This allows us to
avoid testing for ARB_compatibility in all GL 3.1 compat tests.

parent 69a0d919
......@@ -565,8 +565,15 @@ make_context_current(struct piglit_wfl_framework *wfl_fw,
ok = make_context_current_singlepass(wfl_fw, test_config,
if (ok)
if (ok) {
if (test_config->supports_gl_compat_version == 31 &&
!piglit_is_extension_supported("GL_ARB_compatibility")) {
printf("piglit: info: Failed to create a compat profile\n");
#elif defined(PIGLIT_USE_OPENGL_ES1) || \
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