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README: Add notes about environment variables

Document the environment variables the framework and tests accept.

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......@@ -277,7 +277,27 @@ The summary shows the 'status' of a test:
There are also dmesg-* statuses. These have the same meaning as above, but are
triggered by dmesg related messages.
3.1 Note
3.1 Environment Variables
There are a number of environment variables that control the way piglit
Overrides the compression method used. The same values that piglit.conf
allows for core:compression.
Overrides the platform run on. These allow the same values as ``piglit
run -p``. This values is honored by the tests themselves, and can be used
when running a single test.
Force glslparser tests to be run with the desktop (non-gles) version of
glslparsertest. This can be used to test ES<x>_COMPATABILITY extensions
for OpenGL
3.2 Note
The way 'piglit run' and 'piglit summary' count tests are different, 'piglit
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