Commit 9ba94d72 authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker Committed by Mark Janes

name no_error profile depen on shader generation

Since it includes shaders.
parent f74d92e7
......@@ -59,7 +59,6 @@ endfunction()
piglit_generate_xml(opengl opengl gen-gl-xml "")
piglit_generate_xml(no_error no_error gen-gl-xml "")
piglit_generate_xml(quick_gl quick_gl gen-gl-xml "")
piglit_generate_xml(llvmpipe_gl llvmpipe_gl gen-gl-xml "")
piglit_generate_xml(sanity sanity gen-gl-xml "")
......@@ -71,6 +70,7 @@ piglit_generate_xml(shader shader gen-gl-gen-xml "" gen-gl-tests static-shader-t
piglit_generate_xml(quick_shader quick_shader gen-gl-gen-xml "" gen-gl-tests static-shader-tests)
piglit_generate_xml(shader_multi shader gen-gl-gen-xml "--no-process-isolation" gen-gl-tests static-shader-tests)
piglit_generate_xml(quick_shader_multi quick_shader gen-gl-gen-xml "--no-process-isolation" gen-gl-tests static-shader-tests)
piglit_generate_xml(no_error no_error gen-gl-gen-xml "" gen-gl-tests static-shader-tests)
piglit_generate_xml(cl cl gen-cl-xml "" gen-cl-tests static-program-tests)
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