Commit 8f3392a2 authored by Eric Anholt's avatar Eric Anholt

glapi: Parse the GLES3 core header for piglit-dispatch.

This gets us piglit-dispatch support for all the core functions of

v2: Improve the python-style-ness of the argument parsing code (thanks
Reviewed-by: Paul Berry's avatarPaul Berry <>
parent 9d0e8015
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ set(piglit_glapi_inputs
......@@ -447,6 +447,38 @@ class Api(object):
for alias in attributes['alias']:
self.synonyms.add_alias(name, alias)
def read_gles_header(self, f):
category = 'GL_ES_VERSION_2_0'
for line in f:
# The GLES gl3.h has typedefs, tokens, and prototypes,
# each listed after a comment indicating whether they're
# part of 2.0 core or 3.0 core.
if re.match(r'/\* OpenGL ES 2.0 \*/', line):
category = 'GL_ES_VERSION_2_0'
elif re.match(r'/\* OpenGL ES 3.0 \*/', line):
category = 'GL_ES_VERSION_3_0'
m = re.match(r'GL_APICALL', line)
if m:
# We do the regexp in two parts to make sure that we
# actually do catch all the GL_APICALLs.
m = re.match(r'^GL_APICALL\s*(.*)\s*GL_APIENTRY\s*gl(\w*)\s\((.*)\).*$', line)
return_type, name, args = m.groups()
return_type = return_type.strip()
args = args.split(', ')
if args == ['void']:
args = []
param_names = []
param_types = []
for arg in args:
splitloc = max(arg.rfind(' '), arg.rfind('*'))
param_types.append(arg[:splitloc + 1])
param_names.append(arg[splitloc + 1:])
self.add_function(name, return_type, param_names, param_types, category)
# Convert each line in the enumext.spec file into a key/value pair
# in self.enums, mapping an enum name to a dict. For example, the
# following enumext.spec input:
......@@ -495,5 +527,7 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
with open(sys.argv[4]) as f:
with open(sys.argv[5], 'w') as f:
with open(sys.argv[5]) as f:
with open(sys.argv[6], 'w') as f:
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