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README: update test classes information

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......@@ -294,28 +294,55 @@ Every test is run as a separate process. This minimizes the impact that
severe bugs like memory corruption have on the testing process.
Therefore, tests can be implemented in an arbitrary standalone language.
I recommend C, C++ and Python, as these are the languages that are already
used in Piglit.
C is the prefered language for compiled tests, piglit also supports its own
simple formats for test shaders and glsl parser input.
All new tests must be added to the profile. The test profiles
are simply Python scripts. There are currently two supported test types:
This test starts a new process and watches the process output (stdout and
stderr). Lines that start with "PIGLIT:" are collected and interpreted as
a Python dictionary that contains test result details.
All new tests must be added to the appropriate profile, profile for
OpenGL and for OpenCL. There are a few basic test classes supported by the
python framework:
This is a test that is only used to integrate Glean tests
Additional test types (e.g. for automatic image comparison) would have to
be added to
A shared base class for all native piglit tests.
It starts each test as a subprocess, captures stdout and stderr, and waits
for the test to return.
It provides test timeouts by setting the instances 'timeout' attribute to an
integer > 0 which is the number of seconds the test should run.
It interprets output by reading stdout and looking for 'PIGLIT: ' in the
output, and then reading any trailing characters as well formed json
returning the test result.
This is a base clas and shouldn't be used directly, but provides an
explination of the bahvior of the following classes
A test class for native piglit OpenGL tests.
In addition to the properties of PiglitBaseTest it provides a mechanism for
detecting test window resizes and rerunning tests as well as keyword
arguments for platform requirements.
A test class for native piglit OpenCL tests.
It currently provides no specail features
A class for testing a glsl parser.
It is generally unecissary to call this class directly as it uses a helper
function to search directories for tests
Rules of thumb:
Test process that exit with a nonzero returncode are considered to have
A class for testing using OpenGL shaders
Output on stderr causes a warning.
It is generally unecissary to call this class directly as it uses a helper
function to search directories for tests
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