Commit 61b6af11 authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker Add tests for subtest handling

These tests are meant to show that subtest handling actually works.
Signed-off-by: Dylan Baker's avatarDylan Baker <>
parent 70862812
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
""" Module providing tests for the summary module """
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import copy
import as nt
......@@ -70,6 +71,80 @@ def check_sets(old, ostat, new, nstat, set_):
with utils.with_tempfile(json.dumps(new)) as nfile:
summ = summary.Summary([ofile, nfile])
print summ.tests
nt.assert_equal(1, len(summ.tests[set_]),
msg="{0} was not appended".format(set_))
def test_subtest_handling():
data = copy.deepcopy(utils.JSON_DATA)
data['tests']['with_subtests'] = {}
data['tests']['with_subtests']['result'] = 'pass'
data['tests']['with_subtests']['subtest'] = {}
data['tests']['with_subtests']['subtest']['subtest1'] = 'fail'
data['tests']['with_subtests']['subtest']['subtest2'] = 'warn'
data['tests']['with_subtests']['subtest']['subtest3'] = 'crash'
data['tests']['is_skip'] = {}
data['tests']['is_skip']['result'] = 'skip'
with utils.with_tempfile(json.dumps(data)) as sumfile:
summ = summary.Summary([sumfile])
check_subtests_are_tests.description = \
"Subtests should be treated as full tests "
yield check_subtests_are_tests, summ
check_tests_w_subtests_are_groups.description = \
"Tests with subtests should be a group"
yield check_tests_w_subtests_are_groups, summ
test_removed_from_all.description = \
"Tests with subtests should not be in the tests['all'] name"
yield test_removed_from_all, summ
subtest_not_skip_notrun.description = \
"Skip's should not become NotRun"
yield subtest_not_skip_notrun, summ
def check_subtests_are_tests(summary_):
""" Subtests should be treated as full tests """
nt.assert_equal(summary_.fractions['fake-tests']['with_subtests'], (0, 3),
msg="Summary.fraction['fake-tests']['with_subtests'] should "
"be (0, 3), but isn't")
def check_tests_w_subtests_are_groups(summary_):
""" Tests with subtests should be a group
We know that the status will be 'pass' if it's not being overwritten, and
will be 'crash' if it has. (since we set the data that way)
str(summary_.status['fake-tests']['with_subtests']), 'crash',
msg="Summary.status['fake-tests']['with_subtests'] should "
"be crash, but isn't")
def test_removed_from_all(summary_):
""" Tests with subtests should not be in the all results """
nt.assert_not_in('with_subtests', summary_.tests['all'],
msg="Test with subtests should have been removed from "
"self.tests['all'], but wasn't")
def subtest_not_skip_notrun(summary_):
""" Ensure that skips are not changed to notruns """
nt.eq_(summary_.status['fake-tests']['is_skip'], 'skip',
msg="Status should be skip but was changed")
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