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README: add a note about the test counts

It's worth noting that piglit run and piglit summary count tests
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......@@ -274,6 +274,15 @@ The summary shows the 'status' of a test:
There are also dmesg-* statuses. These have the same meaning as above, but are
triggered by dmesg related messages.
3.1 Note
The way 'piglit run' and 'piglit summary' count tests are different, 'piglit
run' counts the number of Test derived instance in the profile(s) selected,
while 'piglit summary' counts the number of subtests a result contains, or it's
result if there are no subtests. This means that the number shown by 'piglit
run' will be less than or equal to the number calculated by 'piglit summary'.
4. Available test sets
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