Commit 401e4b6a authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker

crucible: use tempfiles to allow running with concurrency

Because concurrency is nice.

v2: - squash always remove tempfile into this (Juan)
Reviewed-by: Juan Suárez Romero's avatarJuan A. Suarez <>
parent e87a6e10
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ from __future__ import (
import os
import six
import subprocess
import tempfile
from framework import grouptools, backends, exceptions
from framework.core import PIGLIT_CONFIG
......@@ -49,16 +50,20 @@ if crucible_bin is None:
class CrucibleTest(Test):
"""Test representation for Crucible"""
def __init__(self, case_name):
command = [crucible_bin, 'run', '--junit-xml=crucible.xml', case_name]
self.__out_xml = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=True).name
command = [crucible_bin, 'run',
'--junit-xml={}'.format(self.__out_xml), case_name]
self._case = case_name
super(CrucibleTest, self).__init__(command)
def interpret_result(self):
test = backends.junit.REGISTRY.load('crucible.xml', 'none')
result = test.get_result(next(six.iterkeys(test.tests)))
self.result.result =
super(CrucibleTest, self).interpret_result()
test = backends.junit.REGISTRY.load(self.__out_xml, 'none')
result = test.get_result(next(six.iterkeys(test.tests)))
self.result.result =
super(CrucibleTest, self).interpret_result()
def gen_caselist_txt(bin_):
with open('crucible.txt', 'w') as d:
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