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README: use the piglit command not piglit-* commands

These are old and maintained as compatibility options, modern
development should be happening in the unified piglit command anyway.

v2: - fix some nits from Ken
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......@@ -178,17 +178,16 @@ Build from the Visual Studio Command Prompt.
Make sure that everything is set up correctly:
$ ./ tests/sanity.tests results/sanity.results
$ ./piglit run tests/sanity results/sanity.results
This will run some minimal tests. If you built Piglit out-of-source, then the
environment variable PIGLIT_BUILD_DIR must be set:
$ env PIGLIT_BUILD_DIR=/path/to/piglit/build/dir \
./ tests/sanity.tests results/sanity.results
You may include '.py' on the profile, or you may exclude it (sanity vs,
both are equally valid.
$ ./
$ ./piglit run
$ ./piglit run -h
To learn more about the command's syntax. Have a look into the tests/
directory to see what test profiles are available:
......@@ -199,14 +198,14 @@ See also section 4.
To create some nice formatted test summaries, run
$ ./ summary/sanity results/sanity.results
$ ./piglit summary html summary/sanity results/sanity.results
Hint: You can combine multiple test results into a single summary.
During development, you can use this to watch for regressions:
$ ./ summary/compare results/baseline.results results/current.results
$ ./piglit summary html summary/compare results/baseline.results results/current.results
You can combine as many testruns as you want this way(in theory;
You can combine as many testruns as you want this way (in theory;
the HTML layout becomes awkward when the number of testruns increases)
Have a look at the results with a browser:
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