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README: Add instructions for integrating piglit with dEQP.

A basic setup for running dEQP through piglit.
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It is generally unnecessary to call this class directly as it uses a helper
function to search directories for tests.
6. Integration
Piglit provides integration for other test suites as well. The rational for
this is that it provides piglit's one process per test protections (one test
crashing does not crash the whole suite), and access to piglit's reporting
Most integration is done through the use of piglit.conf, or through environment
variables, with piglit.conf being the preferred method.
6.1 dEQP
Piglit provides a generic layer for dEQP based test suites, and specific
integration for several suites.
I suggest using Chad Versace's repo of dEQP, which contains a gbm target.
It should be built as follows:
cmake . -DDEQP_TARGET=gbm -GNinja
Additional targets are available in the targets directory. gbm isn't compatible
for most (any?) blob driver, so another target might be necessary if that is a
requirement. One of the x11_* targets or drm is probably a good choice.
The use of ninja is optional.
Once dEQP is built add the following information to piglit.conf, which can
either be located in the root of the piglit repo, or in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
(usually $HOME/.config).
bin=<deqp source dir>/modules/gles2/deqp-gles2
exe=<deqp source dir>/modules/gles3/deqp-gles3
bin=<deqp source dir>/modules/gles31/deqp-gles31
NOTE: for historical reasons gles3 uses 'exe' instead of 'bin'
These platforms can be run using deqp_gles*.py as a suite in piglit.
For example: ./piglit run deqp_gles31 my_results -c
It is also possible to mix integrated suites and piglit profiles together:
./piglit run deqp_gles31 quick cl my_results
dEQP profiles generally contain all of the tests from the previous profile, so
gles31 covers gles3 and gles2.
6.2 Khronos CTS
Add the following to your piglit.conf file:
bin=<cts source dir>/cts/glcts
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