Commit 013f591b authored by Vinson Lee's avatar Vinson Lee

cmake: Require Python six >= 1.4.0.

six.PY2 was added in 1.4.0.
Signed-off-by: Vinson Lee's avatarVinson Lee <>
Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca's avatarJose Fonseca <>
parent 689b53a3
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ ENDIF()
find_package(PythonInterp 2.7 REQUIRED)
find_package(PythonNumpy 1.6.2 REQUIRED)
find_package(PythonMako 0.7.3 REQUIRED)
find_package(PythonSix REQUIRED)
find_package(PythonSix 1.4.0 REQUIRED)
# Default to compiling with debug information (`gcc -g`):
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