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    util-cl: Add OpenCL testing framework · 5ce70194
    Blaž Tomažič authored
    The framework is composed of 1 main part and 3 different sub-parts. Each
    test is linked to this framework and calls the piglit_cl_framework_run
    The main part is in piglit-framework-cl.* files. The header contains
    definitions to implement each specific test type. The source file's
    piglit_cl_framework_run function is called by each test of any type.
    This file then parses program and environment variables, and depending
    on test configuration, runs the test on selected platforms and devices.
    The other 3 sub-parts are tests types implementations: Custom, API and
    Program. Each one is used to create tests that benefit from different
    functionality. Here each header file contains definitions to implement
    an OpenCL test and each source file handles the specific options used in
    test configurtation.
    Signed-off-by: Blaž Tomažič's avatarBlaž Tomažič <blaz.tomazic@gmail.com>
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