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      Various fixes by Brian Paul. · ad03bd4d
      Nicolai Hähnle authored
      Quote from his description:
      In fp-fragment-position.c the 4th fragment program uses
      fragment.position to index a 2D texture.  Since all the fragment
      positions are integers > 1 the default GL_REPEAT texture wrap mode
      converts all the texcoords to zero.  Actually, though, that's not true.
        Because of the way texcoords are processed, the fractional part of the
      coords is not always zero but some epsilon value.  That caused us to
      sample with different texcoords than the test expects.
      I think it's more useful to scale the fragment position to put it into
      the nominal [0,1] range to get a color that varies per pixel.
      My patch does that, and adds some assorted comments to the code.
      In fp-list-mask.c and texrect-many.c and texdepth.c I added GLUT_ALPHA
      to glutInitDisplayMode().  We had failures because GLUT was sometimes
      choosing visuals without an alpha channel.
      The logic in vp-bad-program.c was incorrect.  When glProgramString() is
      called with an invalid program, we raise an error, but the previous
      program (if any) stays in effect.  So the subsequent glBegin() would
      never raise an error.  The proper way to check for glBegin raising an
      error with an invalid program is to simply bind a non-existant program.
      I made the same fix in glean a while ago.
      There's still some other failures I need to look into (and I'm not sure
      where the faults are) but I need to move onto some other things now.
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      Generate abbreviated results · eb6359d4
      Nicolai Hähnle authored
      The results files can get rather huge when tests fail, because tests like
      glean/blendFunc output a lot of debugging data, which we all record.
      Now, we generate an additional .../summary file, in which the info string
      is simply truncated. Pretty stupid, but it should give enough info to get
      an idea of the rough kind of failure.
      Add a new option for piglit-summary-html.py, to choose between full or
      abbreviated info when both are present.
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      New test bug/r300-readcache · 8c9ea79d
      Nicolai Hähnle authored
      This tests against a particular problem of the r300 driver, related to a
      readcache coherency problem.
      Note that while I had first found this problem via glean/texCube, the fact
      that I did find the problem there was pure chance, because the bug depends
      on the exact coordinate of the glReadPixels call (and thus on the window
      position). This new test loops through many coordinates to make sure the
      window coordinates are irrelevant.
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