Commit fb14b0eb authored by Stuart Abercrombie's avatar Stuart Abercrombie Committed by Paul Berry

Make shader_runner add a #version directive to shaders lacking one.

The version number is taken from the GLSL version requirement, if there is one.

This is part of the effort to make version handling more flexible for GLES.

v2 (Paul Berry <>): use strstr() to check
whether a #version directive is already present, in case it isn't at
the start of the shader.
Reviewed-by: Paul Berry's avatarPaul Berry <>
parent 7bfccbb2
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ extern float piglit_tolerance[4];
static float gl_version = 0.0;
static float glsl_version = 0.0;
static float glsl_req_version = 0.0;
static int gl_max_fragment_uniform_components;
static int gl_max_vertex_uniform_components;
......@@ -121,9 +122,29 @@ compile_glsl(GLenum target, bool release_text)
piglit_ShaderSource(shader, 1,
if (glsl_req_version != 0.0f &&
!strstr(shader_string, "#version ")) {
char *shader_strings[2];
char version_string[100];
GLint shader_string_sizes[2];
/* Add a #version directive based on the GLSL requirement. */
sprintf(version_string, "#version %ld\n",
lround(100.0f * glsl_req_version));
shader_strings[0] = version_string;
shader_string_sizes[0] = strlen(version_string);
shader_strings[1] = shader_string;
shader_string_sizes[1] = shader_string_size;
piglit_ShaderSource(shader, 2,
} else {
piglit_ShaderSource(shader, 1,
......@@ -416,18 +437,24 @@ process_requirement(const char *line)
} else if (string_match("GLSL", line)) {
enum comparison cmp;
float version;
line = eat_whitespace(line + 4);
line = process_comparison(line, &cmp);
version = strtod(line, NULL);
if (!compare(version, glsl_version, cmp)) {
/* We only allow >= because we potentially use the
* version number to insert a #version directive. */
if (cmp != greater_equal) {
printf("Unsupported GLSL version comparison\n");
glsl_req_version = strtod(line, NULL);
if (!compare(glsl_req_version, glsl_version, cmp)) {
printf("Test requires GLSL version %s %.1f. "
"Actual version is %.1f.\n",
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