Commit b2362fe3 authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke
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Remove obsolete quirk file "compiler.tests".

Using this file would force software rendering on a subset of tests
that, at one point during GLSL compiler development, didn't work on
i965.  That point is long past and no one should be using this now.
parent 8cb3f4c5
import os
import re
execfile(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/quick.tests')
from framework.core import *
from framework.gleantest import *
# 965 driver fails at some variable array access.
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-texcoord-array'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-fs-uniform-array-2'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
# 965 driver lacks support for functions calls in the FS and VS.
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-fs-raytrace-bug27060'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-vs-raytrace-bug26691'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-fs-functions-2'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-fs-functions-3'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-vs-functions'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-vs-functions-2'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-vs-functions-3'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
# Note that software for the glean tests doesn't help, because reports alpha channel even
# though it can't actually store to it, so software tests always fail.
#profile.tests['glean']['glsl1-function with early return (1)'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
#profile.tests['glean']['glsl1-function with early return (2)'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
#profile.tests['glean']['glsl1-function with early return (3)'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
#profile.tests['glean']['glsl1-function with early return (4)'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
# I really thought I'd fixed this.
profile.tests['shaders']['glsl-fs-pointcoord'].env['LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE'] = 1
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