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Add some lightweight release process.

The rationale is in the change itself.
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is recommended because it keeps the line lengths reasonable, but in the end,
that's purely a matter of personal taste.
\ Release Philosophy
Since Piglit is a test suite, it is "production software" at all times.
Test case might be incorrect, but despite that it is not useful to speak of
"stable" and "unstable" versions of a test suite, especially one that sees
a relatively small rate of change like Piglit.
For this reason, developers of OpenGL drivers and related software, and even
testers are encouraged to follow the git repository on at all
times. A web interface to this repository can be found here:
Nevertheless, for purposes of marking a specific point in time for packaging
in an environment where non-developers do tests on a wide range of hardware,
it has been pointed out that it would be useful to have official releases.
For this reason, we will occasionally bump the version number in the file
RELEASE and create an appropriate tag in the git repository.
This tag is the official way of marking a release, so the tarballs provided
automatically by the cgit frontend are official release tarballs.
Version: v1
For a discussion of release philosophy, see HACKING.
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