Commit 6b08f371 authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker

tests/all: Make asmparser tests path relative

Tested-by: Rafael Antognolli's avatarRafael Antognolli <>
parent 5fa0abc6
......@@ -353,13 +353,14 @@ for basedir in [TESTS_DIR, GENERATED_TESTS_DIR]:
'asmparsertest', os.path.relpath(dirpath, _basedir)))
type_ = os.path.basename(dirpath)
dirname = os.path.relpath(dirpath, ROOT_DIR)
for filename in filenames:
if not os.path.splitext(filename)[1] == '.txt':
group = grouptools.join(base_group, filename)
profile.test_list[group] = ASMParserTest(
type_, os.path.join(dirpath, filename))
type_, os.path.join(dirname, filename))
# Find and add all apitrace tests.
classifier = DriverClassifier()
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