Commit 24eb06a8 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul
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tests/ use list for asmparsertest command line arguments

Instead of passing a string like "asmparsertest ARBfp1.0 path/to/mad.txt",
now pass a list like ["asmparsertest", "ARBfp1.0", path/to/mad.txt].

This fixes the asmparsertest tests on Cygwin.  Before, all the tests
were failing because the backslash characters in the path were getting
Reviewed-by: default avatarDylan Baker <>
parent eb2ba7a2
......@@ -3732,8 +3732,8 @@ add_plain_test(fast_color_clear, 'fcc-read-to-pbo-after-clear')
asmparsertest = {}
def add_asmparsertest(group, shader):
asmparsertest[group + '/' + shader] = PiglitGLTest(
'asmparsertest ' + group + ' ' +
os.path.join(testsDir, 'asmparsertest', 'shaders', group, shader),
['asmparsertest', group,
os.path.join(testsDir, 'asmparsertest', 'shaders', group, shader)],
add_asmparsertest('ARBfp1.0', 'abs-01.txt')
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