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    deqp: Add test profile for external dEQP-GLES3 tests (v4) · 2f122df3
    Chad Versace authored
    Google opensourced the drawElements Quality Product Testsuite (dEQP) as
    part of the Android Lollipop release. It's git repo lives in the Android
    tree at [https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/deqp/
    This patch adds a new module, deqp_gles3.py, that runs the dEQP-GLES3
    tests.  It queries the 'deqp-gles3' executable at runtime for the list
    of testcases.  The module attempts queries the 'deqp-gles3' executable
    only if the environment variable PIGLIT_DEQP_GLES3_EXE or the
    piglit.conf option deqp-gles3.exe is set.
    Why do we need to use Pigit as the testrunner for dEQP? (After all, dEQP has
    its own testrunner). Because dEQP runs all tests in a single process. If test
    17530 of 55409 crashes, then the dEQP testrunner crashes and the remaining
    tests never run. Piglit doesn't suffer from that problem, because it runs each
    test as a separate process.
    Tested on Intel Ivybridge by running the command
        piglit run -t dEQP-GLES3/info/vendor \
          tests/deqp_gles3.py tests/quick.py results
    with and without PIGLIT_DEQP_GLES3_EXE set and with and without
    piglit.conf:deqp-gles.exe set. Also tested with various combinations of
    valid and invalid values for PIGLIT_DEQP_GLES_EXTRA_ARGS and
    Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker <dylanx.c.baker@intel.com> (v2)
    Reviewed-by: Michael W Mason <michael.w.mason@intel.com> (v4)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChad Versace <chad.versace@linux.intel.com>
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