1. 25 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  2. 24 Jun, 2020 2 commits
  3. 23 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  4. 18 Jun, 2020 3 commits
  5. 15 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  6. 14 Jun, 2020 2 commits
  7. 12 Jun, 2020 5 commits
  8. 09 Jun, 2020 2 commits
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      prepare for doc-redirects · 52f6c21e
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      This is a poor-man's version of redirects, but it works OK for
      documentation pages, because those are usually read in a web-browser.
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      news: use generated summary instead of open-coding · ac44db1d
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      When I first converted this site to Hugo from Jekyll, for simplicity I
      tried to keep things very similar. The way these two auto-generate
      summaries is quite different, and I hacked around that by simply not
      using the auto-generated summaries, but emulating the same behavior as
      Jekyll has.
      But this leaves less flexibility, and needs to be repeated everywhere we
      use the summary. For instance, this doesn't currently apply to RSS
      So let's instead use the summary-property, but make the news-converter
      perform the same logic instead. This gives us a reasonable default, and
      we can in theory override it where we're not happy with the result.
  9. 08 Jun, 2020 3 commits
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      navbar: use flex-none to avoid shrinking · bff2969d
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      On GNOME Web / Epiphany, the navbar starts shrinkig as the page grows in
      length, leading to a difficult-to-use navbar. Let's avoid this by
      explicitly requesting no flex behavior for this element.
      It's unclear to me if Ephiphany or the other browsers are right here,
      but this doesn't seem to break anything as far as I can tell.
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      add LICENSE-file · 311c2e42
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      The copyright is just a placeholder for now; when we import the commit
      history, we'll amend the list to contain everyone who contributed so
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      add link to RSS feed · 3f30c91e
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      By making sure we emit all alternate output-formats as re-links, we make
      sure that RSS-plugins etc will offer the user to subscribe to the feed.
      Without this, the RSS feed is quite hidden.
  10. 02 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  11. 01 Jun, 2020 6 commits
  12. 26 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      frontpage: move content from layout to content · 28fc3ac0
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Currently, when you press the "Edit this page"-button on the front-page,
      you get to a surprisingly empty page. This is because the whole
      page-content was hard-coded into the layout-file. That's not ideal.
      Part of the reason it was written this way, is due to all the custom
      HTML in there, which isn't usually legal in Hugo markdown content files.
      But instead, we can simply use a HTML content file as well as a custom
      shortcode for the latest news section instead, and everything just as
      intended. The custom partials we used for the apis and features
      subsections can be repurposed as shortcodes as well.
      This makes this stuff more in line with how these primitives are
      intended to be used than what we used to do. And at the same time, we
      get a much more meaningful "Edit this page"-behavior than before.
  13. 23 May, 2020 1 commit
  14. 14 May, 2020 2 commits
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      footer: correct edit-page URLs · d9384d6b
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Paths in Hugo are relative to the content-directory, so we need to link
      relative to that, otherwise we get an error when trying to edit.
      This was missed when porting this from Jekyll to Hugo.
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      footer: do not offer to edit the 404-page · 1f05313d
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Our friendly "edit this page"-links only makes sense for pages that
      actually have, uh, a page to edit. So yeah, let's not offer this for
      content-less pages, like the 404-page.
  15. 12 May, 2020 5 commits
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      gitlab-ci: pass CI_PAGES_URL to hugo · 3e16cf82
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      This fixes generated links to understand that we're currently hosted in
      a subdirectory.
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      remove repeated text from data-set · 102e16a4
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <brianp@vmware.com>
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      drivers: list legacy-drivers last. · 26056686
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <brianp@vmware.com>
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      build on gitlab-ci · d5d8fef1
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
    • Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar
      new mesa3d.org website · 1bc7bafe
      Erik Faye-Lund authored
      Here's my proposal for a new website for mesa3d.org, minus most of the
      content. This consists of a front-page and a news-archive, and not much
      more. The rest of the content will be linked to docs.mesa3d.org, which
      will contain the technical documentation.
      This separation between techincal documentation and a "marketing"
      website, allows us to use the best tools for each purpose:
      - Sphix is great at creating techical documentation, but lacks features
        like pagination for news archives, and is not very flexible in how
        much can be specialized.
      - Hugo is great for building websites, but can't easily generate other
        documentation formats, and it's tree-structure isn't as nice for
        in-tree documentation.
      There's only the front-page (and the 404-page) for now. In particular,
      here's what's missing as of this commit:
      1. The news will be converted from the main repo by some scripts in a
         later commmit.
      2. Similarly, link-compatibility redirects will be converted from the
         main repo in a later commit as well.
      3. The release archive is missing. We never advertised this under
         mesa3d.org, but rather mesa.freedesktop.org. The fact that these
         sites point to the same one is an implementation-detail.
      4. Any custom pages are left out for now. We can iterate on the
         separation between this and the docs site after we've landed the
         initial version, I think.