Commit 982cd142 authored by Erik Faye-Lund's avatar Erik Faye-Lund Committed by Erik Faye-Lund
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layout: use .Site.Home.Permalink instead of relURL

Ideally, this would have worked better when using ugly-URLs, but it
doesn't. But it still seems better to do this than hard-coding, even if
it doesn't do what we want.
parent d0c44d06
<nav class="navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-dark bg-dark">
<div class="container">
<div class="d-flex flex-row">
<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ "/" | relURL }}">
<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ .Site.Home.Permalink }}">
<img src="{{ "/assets/logo.svg" | relURL }}" width="30" height="30" alt="">
Mesa 3D
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