Commit ff8e3d3b authored by Jason Ekstrand's avatar Jason Ekstrand

nir/opt_algebraic: Simplify an optimization using the new search ops

Reviewed-by: Connor Abbott's avatarConnor Abbott <>
parent 05af952a
......@@ -762,13 +762,8 @@ for x, y in itertools.product(['f', 'u', 'i'], ['f', 'u', 'i']):
b2x = 'b2f' if x == 'f' else 'b2i'
b2y = 'b2f' if y == 'f' else 'b2i'
for N in [8, 16, 32, 64]:
if y == 'f' and N == 8:
x2yN = '{}2{}{}'.format(x, y, N)
optimizations.append(((x2yN, (b2x, a)), (b2y, a)))
x2yN = '{}2{}'.format(x, y)
optimizations.append(((x2yN, (b2x, a)), (b2y, a)))
def fexp2i(exp, bits):
# We assume that exp is already in the right range.
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