Commit f248927f authored by Keith Whitwell's avatar Keith Whitwell

Silence some debug messages.

parent 6396b8e5
......@@ -492,17 +492,14 @@ intel_wrap_texture(GLcontext *ctx, struct gl_texture_image *texImage)
if (texImage->TexFormat == &_mesa_texformat_argb8888) {
irb->Base._ActualFormat = GL_RGBA8;
irb->Base._BaseFormat = GL_RGBA;
_mesa_debug(ctx, "Render to RGBA8 texture OK\n");
else if (texImage->TexFormat == &_mesa_texformat_rgb565) {
irb->Base._ActualFormat = GL_RGB5;
irb->Base._BaseFormat = GL_RGB;
_mesa_debug(ctx, "Render to RGB5 texture OK\n");
else if (texImage->TexFormat == &_mesa_texformat_depth_component16) {
irb->Base._ActualFormat = GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16;
irb->Base._BaseFormat = GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT;
_mesa_debug(ctx, "Render to DEPTH16 texture OK\n");
else {
_mesa_debug(ctx, "Render to texture BAD FORMAT %d\n", texImage->TexFormat->MesaFormat);
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