Commit de49e065 authored by Ilia Mirkin's avatar Ilia Mirkin

nv50: always keep TSC slot 0 bound

All TXF operations implicitly use sampler 0, and fail if it's not bound
to anything. This does not happen in LINKED_TSC mode, but we don't
currently use this.

We ensure that TSC entry at id 0 has the SRGB conversion bit enabled
(and all samplers we normally generate will too). Then when the TSC at
*slot* 0 (not to be confused with entry 0 in the global TSC table) is
unbound, we bind it to entry 0. This way, TXF operations are not
dependent on there being a regular sampler bound there.

Fixes arb_texture_buffer_object-subdata-sync among others. (TBO's are
particularly susceptible to this as they don't bind a sampler.)
Signed-off-by: Ilia Mirkin's avatarIlia Mirkin <>
parent 1363a47c
......@@ -379,6 +379,15 @@ nv50_create(struct pipe_screen *pscreen, void *priv, unsigned ctxflags)
util_dynarray_init(&nv50->global_residents, NULL);
// Make sure that the first TSC entry has SRGB conversion bit set, since we
// use it as a fallback.
if (!screen->tsc.entries[0])
// And mark samplers as dirty so that the first slot would get bound to the
// zero entry if it's not otherwise set.
nv50->dirty_3d |= NV50_NEW_3D_SAMPLERS;
return pipe;
......@@ -256,6 +256,7 @@ extern void nv50_init_surface_functions(struct nv50_context *);
void nv50_validate_textures(struct nv50_context *);
void nv50_validate_samplers(struct nv50_context *);
void nv50_upload_ms_info(struct nouveau_pushbuf *);
void nv50_upload_tsc0(struct nv50_context *);
struct pipe_sampler_view *
nv50_create_texture_view(struct pipe_context *,
......@@ -380,6 +380,16 @@ nv50_validate_tsc(struct nv50_context *nv50, int s)
nv50->state.num_samplers[s] = nv50->num_samplers[s];
// TXF, in unlinked tsc mode, will always use sampler 0. So we have to
// ensure that it remains bound. Its contents don't matter, all samplers we
// ever create have the SRGB_CONVERSION bit set, so as long as the first
// entry is initialized, we're good to go. This is the only bit that has
// any effect on what TXF does.
if (!nv50->samplers[s][0]) {
BEGIN_NV04(push, NV50_3D(BIND_TSC(s)), 1);
PUSH_DATA (push, 1);
return need_flush;
......@@ -451,3 +461,14 @@ void nv50_upload_ms_info(struct nouveau_pushbuf *push)
BEGIN_NI04(push, NV50_3D(CB_DATA(0)), ARRAY_SIZE(msaa_sample_xy_offsets));
PUSH_DATAp(push, msaa_sample_xy_offsets, ARRAY_SIZE(msaa_sample_xy_offsets));
void nv50_upload_tsc0(struct nv50_context *nv50)
struct nouveau_pushbuf *push = nv50->base.pushbuf;
u32 data[8] = { G80_TSC_0_SRGB_CONVERSION };
nv50_sifc_linear_u8(&nv50->base, nv50->screen->txc,
65536 /* + tsc->id * 32 */,
NOUVEAU_BO_VRAM, 32, data);
BEGIN_NV04(push, NV50_3D(TSC_FLUSH), 1);
PUSH_DATA (push, 0);
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