anv: Don't re-use entry_point pointer from spirv_to_nir

When running with NIR_TEST_CLONE=1, the pointer will not be valid, as
the whole shader is going to be recreated every pass.  Prefer using
is_entrypoint (to query when looping) and nir_shader_get_entrypoint()

Fixes the Vulkan Piglit tests
- vulkan/glsl450/frexp-double
- vulkan/glsl450/isinf-double
- vulkan/shaders/fs-multiple-large-local-array

Bugzilla: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
parent 005cc9ae
Pipeline #37899 passed with stages
in 9 minutes and 12 seconds
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ anv_shader_compile_to_nir(struct anv_device *device,
/* Pick off the single entrypoint that we want */
foreach_list_typed_safe(nir_function, func, node, &nir->functions) {
if (func != entry_point)
if (!func->is_entrypoint)
assert(exec_list_length(&nir->functions) == 1);
......@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ anv_shader_compile_to_nir(struct anv_device *device,
NIR_PASS_V(nir, nir_propagate_invariant);
NIR_PASS_V(nir, nir_lower_io_to_temporaries,
entry_point->impl, true, false);
nir_shader_get_entrypoint(nir), true, false);
NIR_PASS_V(nir, nir_lower_frexp);
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