Commit c8dffda6 authored by Charlie Birks's avatar Charlie Birks Committed by Charlie Birks
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v3dv: enable KHR_incremental_present

All bits should already be provided by wsi/common.
Reviewed-by: Alejandro Piñeiro's avatarAlejandro Piñeiro <>
Part-of: <!11276>
parent 1c97d06a
......@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@ Khronos extensions that are not part of any Vulkan version:
VK_KHR_fragment_shading_rate not started
VK_KHR_get_display_properties2 DONE (anv, lvp, radv, tu, v3dv)
VK_KHR_get_surface_capabilities2 DONE (anv, lvp, radv, tu, v3dv, vn)
VK_KHR_incremental_present DONE (anv, lvp, radv, tu)
VK_KHR_incremental_present DONE (anv, lvp, radv, tu, v3dv)
VK_KHR_performance_query DONE (anv/gen8+, tu)
VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties DONE (anv, radv, tu)
VK_KHR_push_descriptor DONE (anv, lvp, radv, tu)
......@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@ get_device_extensions(const struct v3dv_physical_device *device,
.KHR_storage_buffer_storage_class = true,
.KHR_swapchain = true,
.KHR_incremental_present = true,
.KHR_variable_pointers = true,
.EXT_external_memory_dma_buf = true,
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